Kyle I. Kelley

I am a Brooklyn, NY based cinematographer, originally from South Burlington, Vermont. I enjoy working on all types of projects, from short fiction to feature documentaries, and everything in-between.

I have shot multiple fiction and documentary features, including Maggie Black; While I Breathe, I Hope; and forthcoming films Uncle Peck; Good Ol Girl; Train Keeps A Rolling; and American Experience: Sealab. My early career assisting Buddy Squires, ASC, led to an appreciation for verite and observational camera work, which translates into my style on everything from feature documentaries to short fiction films. My past collaborations include award winning fiction and non-fiction filmmakers, and companies such as HBO, Insignia Films, and the New York Times.

I got my start making short films with my friends in my high school's Imaging Lab. I try to maintain the spirit of those early collaborations in my everyday work. There are very few occupations that allow you to choose the people you work with. For me, whether in fiction or documentary, filmmaking is about getting to interact with new people and learn from their stories. Unlike most other jobs, being a cinematographer means that I constantly get to meet new people to add to my group of friends and collaborators. 


Non-fiction Credits
Axios (HBO docuseries) … cinematographer
Episodes 1.2 - 1.4, 2.1 - 2.4
While I Breathe, I Hope (feature documentary) ... director of photography, colorist
Official Selection:
New Orleans Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Good Ol' Girl (feature documentary, post-production) ... producer / director of photography
Jeff Golub: Train Keeps a Rolling (feature documentary, post-production) ... producer / director / director of photography
The Sound One Project (feature documentary, pre-production) ... producer / director of photography
Farmers for America (2018, feature documentary) ... cinematographer
Retro Report (NYTimes Web Series)
- Runaway Plane (2016) ... director of photography
- What Happened to Willy? (2013) ... camera operator
They Might Be Giants (2016, feature documentary) ... director of photography
American Experience (TV Series documentary)
- Sealab (2018) ... director of photography
- The Big Burn (2015) ... assistant camera
- Edison (2015) ... assistant camera
- 1964 (2014) ... assistant camera
- Grand Coulee Dam (2012) ... assistant camera
- Custer's Last Stand (2012) ... additional cinematographer/ assistant camera
CONSTITUTION USA with Peter Sagal (2013 TV Mini-Series documentary) 
- Built to Last? ... assistant camera / camera operator
- Created Equal ... assistant camera / camera operator
- It's a Free Country ... assistant camera) / camera operator
- A More Perfect Union ... assistant camera) / camera operator

Fiction Credits
Uncle Peck
(fiction feature, post-production) ... director of photography
Maggie Black (fiction feature, post-production) ... director of photography
Holiday Fear (2018, fiction short) ... director of photography

Fluffernutter (2017, fiction short) ... co-director / director of photography
The Music Lesson (2017, fiction short) ... co-director / director of photography
I Am Your Friend (2016, fiction short) ... director of photography / colorist
Break (2016, fiction short) ... director of photography / colorist
Into the Woods (2015, fiction short) ... director of photography
Pepper and the Salt Sea (2015, fiction short) ... director of photography
Former Things (2014, fiction short) ... director of photography
The Golden Record (2014, fiction short) ... producer / director of photography
The Ramens (2014, fiction short) ... producer / director of photography / colorist
Anniversary (2014, fiction short) ... director of photography
The Perfect Week (2014, web series) director of photography / editor / colorist
A Good Fish (2014, fiction short) ... director of photography
Mutt (2013, fiction short) ... director of photography
Worlds We Created (2012, fiction short) ... director of photography / colorist
Sinkhole (2012, fiction short) ... director of photography / colorist
Me the Terrible (2012, fiction short) ... assistant camera
Unburden (2012, fiction short) ... assistant camera
Sides of the Track (2011, fiction short) ... assistant camera
Things I Don't Remember (2011, fiction short) ... director of photography
Kiddo (2010, fiction short) ... director of photography