A Foggy Day in Songdo

Our host left this morning, so today was meant to be a day for getting B Roll around the city. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Songdo is under an insane amount of fog right now. This is the view from my hotel room:

Although we didn't have a chance to shoot much outside, we did have some other stuff on our agenda. We shot a scene at a local grocery store, which was absolutely the nicest grocery store I've ever seen. Also, we got a chance to check out some super useful technology in the parking lot. The garages have signs outside that update the number of available parking spots in real time. The spots themselves also have lights that illuminate green when a spot is available, and red when they are taken. As you can tell from this photo, there isn't any shortage of available spots in this nearly empty city. When we left, there were 723 available.